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Dynamic Time slots on FullCalendar. Ask Question 1. I am trying to set up an online event booking system with full calendar. I use events/Calendars tied to users.
Determines if the “all-day” slot is displayed at the top of the calendar. Boolean, default : true When hidden with false , all-day events will not be displayed in TimeGrid views.

Changement de couleur avec Fullcalendar

The first step is to build the JSON feed. If you are interested in how I built the filterable feed in C#, please visit the post Create FullCalendar JSON Feed in C#. The FullCalendar site has good examples on how your JSON feed should appear. I wanted the user to be able to show/hide the events from each feed. This wasn't really covered anywhere.
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Disable timeslot ranges in jQuery fullcalendar plugin - ExceptionsHub All free slots are fullcalendar show


acerix changed the title Recurring multi-day all-day events do not always appear in all-day slots Recurring events that extend past the end of the view range do not show in the following views (eg. next week) Apr 25, 2019
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all free slots are fullcalendar show Using FullCalendar, jQuery, and MVC to give your web-app ready-to-go appointment all free slots are fullcalendar show functionality.
I will demonstrate numerous ways to use the plugin and show how it can integrate with an SQL Backend with Entity-Framework.
This is a complete walk-through including setup of a linked EF database in SQL.
I am going to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to help speed things along.
I am also all free slots are fullcalendar show into a lot of detail to help those wishing to use the plugin to get started as fast as possible.
The attached project is written in C MVC 4.
For those that need additional functinality for multi-user or multi-resource, you can get information and a full example to download and play with on this in my other article on.
Background I was recently looking for a good reliable web based diary plugin that would allow me to give solid appointment management functionality.
Apart from some commercial offerings the most suitable solution open source plugin I found was FullCalendar.
I also had some issues with trying to get the events rendering exactly how I wanted - the DOH!
This is in BundleConfig.
When we run the project, as expected, the plugin appears: OK, so let's get busy!
Using the code Rather than use dummy client-side data, I wanted to show how we might store and manipulate data in a working environment, so I this web page together all free slots are fullcalendar show SQL database to store data and linked to it using Entity Framework.
The SQL source is attached to this article.
We add a new Entity Data Model to the project and point it at our new database and table.
This creates an EDMX file that in our case we call "Diary" and reference as "DiaryContainer".
As this example is date based, I didn't want to pre-populate it with data, because any events I stored would be out of date the day after publishing!
For this reason I put together a quick method that initialises the database.
The method is called by pressing a button in the browser that sends an Ajax call to the application lets minimise full server round-trips when we can!
The button starts life as a link: Initialise database!
The objective of this method is to generate a series of test diary appointments that centre around the current date.
It creates some items for the current date, and others before and after the date.
Add item ; ent.
SaveChanges ; } } catch Exception { return false; } return ent.
Today; if Today return new DateTime baseDate.
Next 9, 18rnd.
Next 9, 18rnd.
AddDays rndDays all free slots are fullcalendar show } } Now we have that, we can generate sample data by running the application and clicking the button made delicious and wonderful by the magic of the twittering bootstrap.
Full calendar can create diary "events" to render in a number of different ways.
One of the more common is to send in data as a JSON list.
You can also send back any other information you might need to handle client-side, for example, key fields to related data tables etc.
To hook into the data table, I created a model called DiaryEvent, and gave it some fields that map to the Entity model.
} In addition I added some methods to extract information and save it back.
Title + " - " + item.
ToString + " mins"; rec.
IndexOf " :" ; rec.
IndexOf " :" +1, rec.
Some things to note - first, FullCalander deals in dates in a UNIX format, therefore we had to run a conversion for this before querying.
Second, I stored the color attribute of the "Staus" of the event in the "DESCRIPTION ANNOTATION" of the StatusENUM, and then used a method to extract the description, color code etc.
The color code etc includes a css "class name" we will use later in the article to make the event item look a check this out bit fancier.
ENQUIRY { background-color : FF9933; border-color : C0C0C0; color : White; background-position : 1px 1px; background-repeat : no-repeat; background-image : url 'Bubble.
BOOKED { background-color : 33CCFF; border-color : C0C0C0; color : White; background-position : 1px 1px; background-repeat : no-repeat; background-image : url 'ok.
GetCustomAttributes typeof DescriptionAttributefalse ; return customAttribute.
Description : name; } Ok, almost there, we need to take the list and put that into JSON format to send back to the Plugin.
ToArray ; return Json rows, JsonRequestBehavior.
AllowGet ; } Finally!
Now when we run the application, we can click our INIT button, which will populate the database, and see the data coming through.
You recall earlier I talked about color, and ClassName - the plugin allows us to pass in a CSS class name, and it will use this to help render the event.
In the CSS I showed earlier I added an icon image to the CSS decoration to make the event look visually better.
To make this pass through, we add in the ClassName string.
And this is how it renders.
Thats superb, now lets look at client-side user functionality - how can the user interact with our diary?
Typically, one would expect to be able to select an event and get information on it, edit it, move it around, resize it, etc.
Lets see how to could make that happen.
First, lets examine the information we sent along with the event.
We can do this by adding adding a callback function when we initialise the plugin: eventClick: function calEvent, jsEvent, view { alert ' You clicked on event id: ' + calEvent.
Heres how it looks: Using this information you can hook in and use it to popup an edit form, redirect to a details window, etc.
To move an event around the plugin, we hook eventDrop.
We could use this to adjust the backend database, but there is another method I used.
I decided in this case to take the event object and use its information.
Therefore my strategy in this case was can what are some 5 player card games variant take the ID and the new start and end time and use these to update the database.
FullCalendar provides a "revertFunc" method that resets the event move to its previous state if the user decides not to confirm the event move.
On event move, I call a local script function "UpdateEvent".
Parse NewEventStart, null, DateTimeStyles.
Parse NewEventEnd, null, DateTimeStyles.
ToLocalTime - DateTimeStart; rec.
TotalMinutes ; } ent.
SaveChanges ; } } } The important thing to note here is that the date format is sent in IS8601 format so we need to convert it.
I also use a Timespan to calculate the new appointment length if any.
Event resizing, and updating the database appointment length server-side is done in a similar fashion.
First, hook the event: eventResize: function event, dayDelta, minuteDelta, revertFunc { if confirm " Confirm all free slots are fullcalendar show appointment length?
Parse NewEventEnd, null, DateTimeStyles.
ToLocalTime - DateTimeStart; rec.
TotalMinutes ; } Now, thats great, and we have a lovely warm fuzzy feeling about making it happen, until we turn to look at the MONTH view.
There is an elegant solution to this issue in "data sources".
Full All free slots are fullcalendar show can store an array of event SOURCES.
All we need to do is hook into the "viewRender" event, query what kind of view is active day, week, month.
First lets go back to our index.
To facilitate the new functionality we require, I created two variables to hold the URL path of each view.
The way to do this is to drop in code that examines when the user clicks the buttons to change the view - this is "viewRender".
Two parameters are passed, the first is "view" and that tells us what was just clicked: So depending on which view was clicked, we remove any all free slots are fullcalendar show sources from the source array by nameremove any events from the plugin, and finally assign one of the string variables we created earlier as the new data source which then gets immediately loaded.
As our summary view holds slightly different information, we need to create a different method to extract data server side.
This is almost the same as our previous query, with the exception that we need to extend our LINQ query to use GROUP and COUNT.
Our objective is to group by date, and get a count of diary events for each day.
Lets have a quick look at that method.
Format " {0:yyyy-MM-dd}", item.
Add rec ; i++; } return result; } } As before, we need to convert the incoming unix format date.
Next, because we are grouping by date, but we are storing a dateTIME, we need to remove the time part from the query - for this, we use the EntityFunctions.
TruncateTime method, and chain the result of this into a sub select which gives us back a key field of date and a value of count.
Note that as this is summary information we don't have a key-id-field to link back to, but this is a problem for FullCalendar as it needs a unique ID for keeping track of events, so we assign an arbitrary one in this case of a simple counting variable "i".
The other thing we need to do is because we stripped out the time part of the result to enable the grouping, we need to put it back in using ISO format.
Once the code is implemented, everything looks far better!
The last thing we are going to do is add a new event when a blank space on the calendar is clicked.
The very last thing I want to address is double loading of data.
When we are changing data sources using the viewRender callback, what happens is that on initial page load, the viewRender gets kicked off twice.
Full source code is included at the top of the article.
PS: If you found this article useful or downloaded the code please let me know by giving a rating below!
His current obsessions are IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning.
When not chained to his desk he can be found fixing broken things, playing music very badly or trying to shape things out of wood.
He runs his own company specializing in systems architecture and scaling for big data and is involved in a number of technology startups.
Member 14145582 11-Feb-19 3:34 11-Feb-19 3:34 hello, AppointmentStatus this class where it is?
· Dejan Culic 2-Aug-18 2:34 2-Aug-18 2:34 In week section my events are not showing right I can't see all event details How can I fix that?
· Dejan Culic 1-Aug-18 5:19 1-Aug-18 5:19 Did anyone managed to remove 12a from month view without changing time in day view becouse when I remove from css 12a it removes also time in day view?
· Member 12792730 23-Jun-18 0:35 23-Jun-18 0:35 I have a problem with changing languages.
First, I downloaded the project and I tried to change my language.
I installed VS2015, same.
I counted on fullcalendat at 3.
Or does not do anything, show it in English, or duplicate stimulus on the other displays only a month but the same in English.
Can you help me where I'm wrong?
· Member 2542201 11-May-18 2:29 11-May-18 2:29 Hi, I have an existing site and I'm attempting to add the calendar to it.
Unfortunately the calendar page loads and only shows the "initialize database" button.
The only conclusion I can reach after much trial and error is the jquery.
Many thanks in advance.
· Member 13337185 3-Jan-18 2:59 3-Jan-18 2:59 As could understand "12a" is a part of start time "12am".
How can we represent events without start and end times?
One thing we need to have is locales, and The Fullcalendar 3.
The problem in particular is with locales and to get things in correct order.
· Thanks for quick reply I decided to start more or less from scratch with Fullcalendar 3.
I will have a look at your newer article.
· Member 13377290 4-Sep-17 10:16 4-Sep-17 10:16 Hi all, After deploying my application, I have this error message: "Cannot read property 'webkit' of undefined" It is working locally see more it throws this error after deploying.
· Member 12260208 4-Apr-17 1:23 4-Apr-17 1:23 I discovered FullCalendar a couple of days ago and struggled to get beyond the basics.
This example was a great help to providing the functionality I needed together with lucid explanation found the FullCalendar documentation is detailed but lacking in a quick 'how to' example to get started.
Aplogies to the creators if there is one that I've missed Couple of observations which I hope will help others like me: The sample project uses FullCalendar v1.
Fullcalendar no longer uses the UnixTimestamp so controllers which use the url generated by the events callback need Datetime parameters rather than doubles.
There is no longer a fullCalendar.
But I cannot get it to save a new event.
I can drag and drop and the event will save to the db but a new event always gives me an error when I click on the Save Event button.
Thanks · you need to provide further detail - whats the error?
· Sorry, I figured out why I couldn't save.
What I cannot figure out is why the events keep duplicating when I change months.
Do you know source />I'd also like to display the event title in the Month view as well.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks Member 13032467 22-Mar-17 0:23 22-Mar-17 0:23 i have done in the same way you had done but my data is not getting displayed in calendarcan you please help me?
· the attached project works this end - you need to specify in detail what issues you are having so we can assist · Member 13040986 9-Mar-17 1:32 9-Mar-17 1:32 I would like to change the seems are there casinos in singapore agree, use sql server 2014, would like to know how to change, if you have any conection string, you would like to know where it is. all free slots are fullcalendar show all free slots are fullcalendar show all free slots are fullcalendar show all free slots are fullcalendar show all free slots are fullcalendar show all free slots are fullcalendar show

JavaScript Animated. How To Work With FullCalendar Plugin

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Dynamic Time slots on FullCalendar. Ask Question 1. I am trying to set up an online event booking system with full calendar. I use events/Calendars tied to users.
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